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Feeling troubled when you go to fish markets?
What if the market is in your hands! Freshkom will save you time and effort, offering you a variety of fresh options at great prices.

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What is Freshkom?

Freshkom is an application that provides a platform for ‘Fishermen’ and ‘Customers’ to be connected, a platform for selling and buying in the daily fresh market. Freshkom is aiming for the fish market, and then will expand to include meat, fruits and vegetables.

The Problem

We have fishermen who have daily catch with high quality and freshness, and willing to sell for a reasonable price. On the other side, we have the seafood customers who are looking exactly for these specifications.

The Solution

Freshkom will provide the solution, a platform where both ‘Fishermen’ and ‘Customers’ are gathered and engaged in the daily fresh fish market. For fishermen, Freshkom will ease the process of advertising, looking for customers and selling. For customers, Freshkom will ease the process for looking for fresh fish with a high quality and reasonable price. 

Why Freshkom?

Minimum effort and maximum convenience.


No more effort spent to visit the local market. You can order fresh product easily just from your smartphone.


Our vendors will make sure to provide you the freshest products every day!


We work with many vendors who provide fresh products. Search and buy the products you want from Freshkom!


Our dedicated drivers will deliver your order directly from our vendors, all you have to do is sit comfortably and wait for your delivery

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How it Works?


Download the app

You can download the app via the App store on iOS or Google Play on android for free.


Search and buy

Search for the products you want to buy from different vendors with minimum effort!



Our drivers will deliver your order directly to you in refrigerated cars to maintain quality.


We made sure to provide you the easiest methods to browse and buy fresh products using Freshkom.


Get discounts and special offers every day!

Smart Notifications

Turn on in-app notifications to keep you up to date.

Easy Payment

We provide you with payment on delivery, cash or card

Track Order

You can track your order step by step until delivery.

Download the App

Latest Products

Download the app

Download the app now and enjoy a new and unique experience that we will ensure you are satisfied with!

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